Welcome to Radio Souq

Your trusted partner for cutting-edge wireless communication and two-way radio solutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Established with a passion for seamless communication and a commitment to quality, we have become the go-to destination for individuals, businesses, and organizations seeking reliable and efficient communication tools.

"Empowering Better Communication: Giving You the Tools to Connect and Communicate Effectively in Today's World "
Two-Way Radios
Two-Way Radio
Unlicensed Radios

Ready-to-use and license-free, these radios are designed to meet your personal or business needs.

"Providing dependable, instant communications hands-free or at the touch of a button helping you to stay connected and communicate better."
Two-Way Radios
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With a management team with over two decades of experience in providing communications and wireless solutions to clients, Radio Souq has been formed to provide solutions and services to support the communication needs of United Arab Emirates businesses.

We are committed to providing you with more than just communication devices; we are dedicated to enhancing your ability to connect, collaborate, and stay safe.

About Radio Souq

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Radio Souq offers a wide range of Two-way radios and wireless communication products that are perfect for a variety of uses, including business, construction, hospitality, and outdoor recreation. Our comprehensive range of offerings includes:

Two-Way Radio: Wireless 446, Licensed VHF and UHF, and TERTRA Systems

Wireless Broadband

Our Commitment: “Empowering Better Communication”

At Radio Souq, we provide you with more than just communication devices; we are committed to enhancing your ability to connect, collaborate, and stay safe. We understand the fundamental importance of effective communication in both personal and professional spheres, and it’s this understanding that drives our dedication to excellence.


What We Do

At Radio Souq we take immense pride in our ability to blend innovation, industry knowledge, and cutting-edge technologies to offer a comprehensive range of services.

Product Sale and Consultation

RF site surveys, network planning, and design

Overseeing project commissioning and implementation

Delivering technical training for skill enhancement

Pre- and post-sales support